Ben & Jerry’s launches new CHILL-aco treat

Just a few weeks ago we showed you three new cereal-inspired flavors found at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops.

Now, the latest treat from the company combines tacos and ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s officially unveiled its CHILL-aco treat which features a crunchy waffle cone taco filled with two scoops of ice cream. The treat is topped off with fudge, cookie crumbles, and caramel.


“The crunch of the taco, the layer of caramel and the smoothness of the ice cream makes it the ultimate snacking experience,” said Senior Brand Manager for Global Scoop Shops, Alison Gilbert via release. “Fans absolutely loved the BRRR-ito, so this year, we turned it up to eleven! It’s all about the ice cream AND the eating experience.” If it sounds indulgent, it’s because it is!

The new treat will be available for a limited time at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops U.S, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, ¬†Singapore, and Brazil.



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