Airheads White Mystery Flavor Frozen Push Pops spotted!

Get ready for some awesome nostalgia.

Airheads have always been a popular candy with multiple flavors available such as Watermelon, Cherry, Blueberry and even white mystery. Yep, white mystery was a popular color as you never knew what was in that white package until you tried it.

Now, Airheads are taking the popular candy and turning them into push pops with a white mystery flavor!

The JunkFoodMom blog dropped the news that this delicious ice cream treat is starting to hit 7-Eleven stores across the country:

These have been spotted at a 7-Eleven’s nationwide but we’ve yet to come across some in our area. As you can see in the JunkFoodMom’s post above, she thinks the flavor is pineapple.

Let us know if you’ve tried these and what you think the mystery flavor is!

Image via JunkFoodMom/IG


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